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We Buy All Cars.
Any Condition.

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We Buy All Cars.
Any Condition.

Free Pickup

How it Works

Have you ever wondered how you could get cash for your scrap car? Many people don’t know this, but you can actually get cash instantly just for giving up your old car. Junk Car Removal Ottawa will gladly purchase all types of cars, regardless of their current driving condition. We purchase these junk cars in order to sell or repurpose the parts and scrap metal, creating a win-win for all parties. On your end of the deal, the process is really simple…

First, submit your information online or on the phone. If you live in Ottawa or the surrounding area, you can contact one of our friendly customer representatives at Junk Car Ottawa at 613.777.7236. We buy all cars in any condition and are happy to help. Regardless of where you live, we are certain there will be a scrap car metal company in your local area. The goal with submitting your information is that you will provide all the necessary details so we can give you a quote. The information you will need to provide includes items such as the make of the car, the model, the year, and your contact information.

The next step in this process is the quote review – we will give you a quote of what we will pay you for your vehicle and you then decide if you want to take it. There are many scrap metal and junk collection companies that offer quotes, but you can save time by calling Junk Car Removal Ottawa because we offer the highest prices for your car, guaranteed. Remember to consider qualitative factors as well. For example, is the company willing to pick up your junk car for free? Junk Car Removal Ottawa ALWAYS offers free pick-up.

The third and final step in this very simple process is to schedule your appointment with us. We know you are a busy person, so scheduling an appointment that fits your busy lifestyle is important. There’s nothing worse than taking time off work for a mundane task. We will either schedule a time that works for you, or in some cases we won’t even require you to be there while we tow the car away. Once the arrangements are made, the pick up can be as simple as leaving your junk car on the driveway or another designated spot. Simply call 613-777-7236 and we’ll work it out.

Collect your cash – You are paid when the car has been picked up. These details are worked out when you call a representative and make the necessary arrangements. You should expect to be paid in full before your junk car is towed away.

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Do you have more unanswered questions regarding scrap metal and junk car removal services? If you want to get paid for your junk car and you live in Ottawa, give one of our friendly customer representatives a call. At Junk Car Ottawa, we pick up junk cars every day of the week!